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eviljaapje :: Profiel
Gratis Lid

Profiel van eviljaapje

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Algemene informatie
Geslacht    Man
Leeftijd35 ( jarig over 359 dagen )
WoonplaatsEnschede ( Overijssel )
Lid sindsDinsdag 2 Mei 2006
Lidmaatschap Gratis Lid
Laatst actiefMaandag 28 September 2009 om 11:32
CijferNog geen stemmen     [ Stem! ]
0 Vrienden | 0 Geplande Events | 0 Bands

Height: 1.95
Eyes: bluebrowngreenish grey
Hair: (head)brown, (chin)redbrown
In possesion of the correct numbers of all standard human limbs.

Places to be in Enschede: Cafe Rocks, Atak
Food: pizza(based on frequency)
Drinks: Beer, Whiskey, Moghito (Barcelonaaaa!)

I live in a house with some other students, without neighbours, which is really cool \'cause the drummer of our band (Final Thoughts) can practice anytime he wants and I don\'t have to use my headphones when playing guitar (of course, when I would have neighbours, they wouldn\'t complain either \'cause it sounds very good when I play ).

Currently I\'m studying (in my spare time, placed after social events ) and working one day a week at some IT (database) firm. Bit boring sometimes, but it pays pretty good!

Hmm I\'m not that good in talking about myself without someone asking... aaaand... for some reason I made this profile in English... hmmmz... well, maybe it will keep the younger people away from here, eh?

Likes :
The fact that, if all else fails, you can become a homeless and then you don\'t have to pay back your study loan money +
!M!U!S!I!C!, playing guitar, sarcasm!, going to concerts/festivals (Wacken!), piercings (in other [female] people that is), spending time with friends, playing pool (wanna try my skills? ), BBQ (Beer and Burger Quest), sports, snowboarding, reading, Weebl & Bob, (user:eviljaapje), torture... no wait, skip that last one (my apologies to the people that just got excited )

Dislikes :
Cucumber and cheese (especially on one plate... really bad combi ), wind, crappy internetz, annoying insects, going to sleep early (quote: \"sleep gives you cancer, everybody knows that!\" ), the Euro (nice job on making everything more expensive, government!), Heineken&Oranjeboom, most cartoons made after 1995 (what\'s wrong with normal drawings man?!), the fact that I\'m very bad at getting angry at people (even when they really deserve it), people who don\'t act like they really are and/or the ones that make up stories to look cool...

Bands :
Metallica, Pantera, Dissection, Amorphis, Death, Satyricon, Carcass, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, Final Thoughts (own band ), Edge of Sanity, Emperor, Immortal, Opeth, Hypocrisy, Bloodbath, Behemoth, Diabolical Masquerade, God Dethroned, Melechesh, The Vision Bleak, and some other (non-metal) music like Pink Floyd, Portishead and Jimi Hendrix.

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