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Schwarse :: Profiel
Gratis Lid

Profiel van Schwarse

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Algemene informatie
Geslacht    Man
Leeftijd28 ( jarig over 155 dagen )
WoonplaatsNijmegen ( Gelderland )
Lid sindsZaterdag 18 November 2017
Lidmaatschap Gratis Lid
Laatst actiefDinsdag 10 April om 12:41
GewijzigdZaterdag 18 November 2017 om 15:12
CijferNog geen stemmen     [ Stem! ]
0 Vrienden | 0 Geplande Events | 0 Bands

Likes :
Making food as stated previously, Listening to music is also a great passion, i do like to go out and explore unknown grounds. I love to watch TV as well as series ( The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Gotham, Breakin Bad, Dexter to name a few. ) Anime and manga ( Sorry guys i won't fill it in cause there is just too much to be said ) Learning to improve and supporting people. Smoking ma smokes %u0295%u2022%u3268%u2022%u0294

Dislikes :
What i truly dislike are liars, and people that are dishonest. People that abuse or make fun of others, cause lets face it, we are all humans, and all the same, but different, Accept people for who they are, and first look at yourself before looking at someone else. I hate dentists, well not hate, but i just do not like to go there %u30FB%u3268%u30FB

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