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QueenSamuell :: Profiel
Gratis Lid

Profiel van QueenSamuell

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Algemene informatie
Geslacht    Man
Leeftijd26 ( jarig over 267 dagen )
WoonplaatsLimburg (B)
Lid sindsWoensdag 13 Mei 2009
Lidmaatschap Gratis Lid
Laatst actiefZaterdag 6 Februari 2010 om 22:40
GewijzigdWoensdag 13 Mei 2009 om 19:58
ZoektEen leven
Cijfer6.9     [ Stem! ]
7 Vrienden | 0 Geplande Events | 0 Bands

Hi i'm Sam but most people know it xD i'm just the kind of boy that isn't cute or hot or whatever you may think^^ i'm just the way i am yes i'm bisexual like you care-_-'' i don't need comments like you're perfect or something cause nobody is perfect accept it^^ i love music<3 playing guitar and singing is my life xD yes i sing problem with that i love to sing songs of evanescence and within temptation sometimes songs of secondhand serenade no i'm no emo or goth or goa or wich styles there may be i'm just the way i am myself with other words^^ yes i've got msn it stands here so you don't need to ask it because that would be stupid msn: most of the time i'm a bitch but you'll get use to it^^

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